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Natasha Romanov

Natasha Romanovna Romanova, known professionally by her codename "Natasha Romanova" is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books mostly published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer and illustrator Stan Lee, colloquially known as "Natasha Romanov" by her fans, the super villain first debuted in the comics series #52. Natasha art The Black Widow first made her comic book debut in the late thirties but was left off-panel for many years until her reemergence in current storylines. After a mysterious intruder threw a mysterious chemical into her cupboard which killed her husband, she assumed the identity of the Black Widow and joined the organization to find the murderer and bring him to justice. But when a new terrorist organization called the resurfacing Hydra sought to steal the formula used to create the Black Widow's husband, she left the team to pursue her vendetta. However, when the Black Widow discovered that she was a clone of herself and was thus also entitled to the same powers as the original Natas whereas her husband was human and not completely human, she became bitter that she didn't possess the same super-human abilities that he did. But before she could do anything drastic, the Hulk arrived on the scene and was interested in using the Black Widow's body for his own personal gain. He seduced the Widow and brainwashed her into helping him capture the X-Men. But when the X-Men returned to assist the Fantastic Four in stopping the Hydra menace, the X-Men saved the Widow from harm. Natasha Romanov was born rich and she was very lucky to have parents who were very supportive of her. Her wealthy family had a fortune that allowed her to go to study at a cosmetology college in Russia, where she met and fell in love with an American student named Marko Maxim. They were soon married and in the beginning they had 2 children. Her parents were so concerned about her developing superpowers that they went to the Canadian border to get her tested but discovered that she wasn't the real Natasha Romanov at all. Romanov illustration She was in fact Black Widow!The first appearance of the Black Widow (in the Spider-Man comics) was in Amazing Spider-Man #5 (also written by Dan Spector). She made her first and only appearance in the next issue, where she murdered Dr. Curtains and injected herself with a retrovirus which changed her physiology to resemble the Black Widow. She then tried to kill Peter Parker but was stopped by Spider-Man. After a few more attempts by Spider-Man to get rid of the Black Widow, she decided to seek revenge against the Fantastic Four and during the course of the following battle she murdered Reed Weintelrod and absorbed his left eye. The character of the Black Widow has appeared again in a number of different comic book series, but her most recent appearances have been in the Secret Empire comic book series by writer Kurt Busiek and George Perez. In this series, she has been cast as a major baddie and she appears to be a member of the villainous Hydra. While her history is mainly unclear, she did join Hydra by accident when one of their agents implanted a brain implant in her head which later caused a massive loss of memory. From this point on, she was loyal to Hydra and devoted her life to serving them. Recently, Natasha Romanov has made a rather large appearance in the animated Spider-Man series. She is one of the major badasses in the first few episodes and she even has her own series of comic book series featuring her. Natasha illustration She is a dangerous foe who uses weapons that are as powerful as those of Electro and Spider-Man. She even uses a shock collar similar to Electro's web shooter that enables her to stun her opponents. The woman known as Natasha Romanov first appeared in the comics in Amazing Spider-Man issue #1. She was a rival of Peter Parker, who at that time was known only as Spider-Man. The two had been previously engaged in a romantic relationship that fizzled out when Peter Parker was temporarily paralyzed by a spider toxin. When this tragedy occurred, she turned into a new super hero known as "Natasha Romanov" and entered into a battle with her arch enemy, Spider-Man. While this particular character is not well known to many, it is important to mention that she is featured in several different comic book series. In fact, she has appeared in five of the Marvel comic book series co-written by Peter Parker and Mark Waid. She also has her own solo comic book written by James Shooter and drawn by Stan Lee. There is no doubt that Romanov will become a household name one day.