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If you are familiar with Japanese comics and manga then you might be wondering what are some famous Japanese comic books? Have you ever wondered what are some famous Japanese comic books that are hugely popular in Japan? Do you want to know the history of Japanese comic books? Japanese artMany people ask this question when they are looking for information on their favorite comic book characters. Here is the full history of Japanese comic books. - Japanese comic books were originated in the year 1917. This was the time when a certain artist began penning some of the most famous stories in Japan. He used a new system called "Kirby" which translates into "keratome" today. - The birth of "superheroes" can be traced back to the year 1918. The birth of "Superman" was in this year as well. These two superheroes became some of the most famous and well-known comic artists of all time. Later this tradition evolved and some famous Japanese comic artists began penning comic books based on Japanese myths and legends. Some of these legendary comic artists are Dr. Kosuke Muramasa, Okamoto Emiichi, and gag manga artist Takao Aoki. - Famous Japanese comic artists that are known all over the world are Okada Kentaro and Furutaichi. They are also two of the most famous "keepers of the sacred Shinto tradition" in Japan. - One of the most popular and widely accepted comic art movements in Japan is the Sandman comic book series. This series has been running for more than 30 years now. It originally ran for seven series. - The creator of detective "Detective Conan" is Keiichi Satya. Books sampleHe has been nominated for an Academy Award and many other awards. His live-action TV series is very popular worldwide. Keiichi's other works include the Tokyo Black Butler and the Hawaii Five: Dragon Knight. - Another famous Japanese comic artist is Naoto Ogasawara. He is best known for his action and fighting drawings. He is a nominee for an Academy Award and a few other awards. Another Japanese comic artist who is famous all over the world is Yuusuke Segarra. Most people know him by his pen name, Yuusuke Enjeye. - One of the most famous female Japanese comic artists is Sugiura Reiko. Her most famous creations are the V Fujimoto series. This artist also draws an all time favorite character, Yuusuke Tozu. Her comics are very popular all over the world. - One of the most famous Japanese writers of all time is Osamu Yen. His long career in comics began when he was still in college. He has worked on a number of Japanese comic books that are now available in English as comic books. Some of his most popular are the Ghost in the Shell, Rokka: Rules of Engagement, and Tokyo Ghoul. - One of the most important female creators of Japanese comic books is manga creator Haruhiko Fujisawa. Books sampleShe has created a number of successful series that are still being turned in today. She is also one of the most popular writers of Japanese comics. Her latest manga series, Honeymoon Scramble, has been turned into a popular TV series. - Keisuke Enishi is another of the greats of Japanese comics. He is known for his action style and for his style of transforming images into action figures. Other names are contributed to his work including Muscle magazine, Rockman, and the Muscle Games series. Like many of the above creators, he also has a feature-length animated movie series. His Japanese comic books are collected worldwide. - Kazuo Sano is another creator of Japanese comics. He has worked for several companies such as Toho, Seven Seas, and Viz Media. He is best known for his V-Carnival series which is a tribute to superheros. The main characters are a quartet of VGC warriors who form the superhero team "V-Carnival" and go on adventures to save the world. All of these creators have created wonderful stories with deep fantasy themes. They are all respected within the Japanese comic book world for their creativity and for telling tales that are entertaining. The popularity of these Japanese comic books can be found online in libraries and book stores. You can also buy online or at many of the retail stores in the United States.