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A comic book convention, sometimes called a comi-con, is an international convention usually organized by a national or local organization that features comic book related activities and events. Comic books have become a very popular hobby for people of all ages. There are several comic book conventions held annually, as well as many other special events that may be related to the comics field. Comic figureComic book conventions feature hundreds of dealers, artists, writers, publishers, and readers. In late January, the first WorldCon will take place. It will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, at the convention center. Other locations for future WorldCon events may be Toronto, Mexico City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle. The first WorldCom could have an attendance of more than ten million people! Some estimates placed the number of comic book conventions around two or three per year. Two more WorldCom events were announced. One is the World teased convention in February and the second is the Superman Celebration Convention in September. There may also be additional out-of-town activity such as" ComicConventions without Borders" and" ComicCon alumni weekend". The dates for these events will be determined by the success of the event. How do you find out about upcoming conventions? If you're a true comic book fan, then you probably have been keeping up on the latest happenings. If not, there are many sources on the internet and in trade publications. Keep current with industry insiders by reading the trade magazines, keeping up with your favorite blogs, watching the television shows which feature this industry, and joining industry groups such as the ICv and Comic Book Classifieds. Other dates of note include the World Authors Day Celebration in January and the Superhero Celebration in May. Comic artworkBoth of these events are in the month of January. Both are great ways to celebrate the comic book world with fellow authors and fellow superheros. Check out the superheros at San Diego's Horton Plaza Park for the March celebrations. For February, the celebration will take place in Chicago with appearances by Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Superman, The Flash, and several other main characters. In late March or early April it will be the Worldbuilders Day Celebration. It will be the ultimate opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. More information will be available in early April. The theme for the event will be inspired by the original battle at the World's Fair of promoted Science Fiction in 1939.

Parades, too

A parade will go down Main Street USA with hundreds of thousands of people in costume parades. Comic Conventions, also known as a Comics Convention is taking place in the month of September. The schedule has not yet been set but it will be sometime between September 18 and nineteen. Some events have already been announced including San Diego Comic-Con, West Coast Pro Comic-Con, Midwest Gaming and Comic-Con, Seattle's Space Needle and several others. Information on where you can find a location for a convention can be found on their website. The month of January 2021 will witness the release of two movies based on the DC Universe. "The Dark Knight Rises" and" Suicide Squad" will both hit theaters around June. Book figureThe release date for "The Dark Knight Rises" has been moved to July and the casting for "Suicide squad" has been finalized. There is no firm release date for the third movie yet. We will keep you posted!It is said that "batman" may be the most popular comic of all time. There are more than fifty million copies of "DC comics" in circulation. There is no doubt that interest in this classic story will continue to grow. "DC universe" has produced some of the best comic book super heroes. These include: Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Robin, Hawkgirl, The Incredibles, The Flash, and many more. In the month of June, "The Dark Knight Rises", may hit theaters, and there are rumors that "pole-eating Batman" may also be released. Other possible titles include: "Pitch Black" for the second year in a row, starring Tom Hardy, and "The Greatest Show on Earth" starring Will Smith. In the last year alone, we have seen the release of " Pirates 4", which became a smash hit, as well as the second movie in the "Pirates" franchise. The future of comic books looks very bright indeed. Many factors will play into how successful they are, like whether superheroes will have their own movies, or if they will remain cartoons. However, one thing is for certain. From June of next year to July of next year, we can look forward to an exciting season of Comics and Pop culture.